RT Excavating Ltd: Site Preparation for Home, Business and Industry

Excavation and Site Preparation
RT Excavating Ltd performs a wide variety of excavation and site preparation services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We can quickly and effectively prepare your site for any purpose, from home foundations to road building and environmental cleanup.

From forest to finished home site, RT Excavating has the excavating skills, experience and knowledge to perform any excavating job required to build your home and garden project.

What We Do
We can clear your land, excavate your foundation and install services, such as septic field and shallow wells. We also do the hard landscaping to create your garden, such as rock walls, ponds and unique garden features.

Logging, Clearing and Burning

  • Road and driveway building
  • Site preparation and drainage systems
  • Foundation excavation
  • Install underground water, storm, sewer, hydro and telephone services

Landscaping services:
  • Landshaping
  • Ponds and stump removal
  • Raking, spreading gravel, topsoil
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Rock retaining walls (seawalls)
  • Driveways and trails
  • Trucking, gravel supplies

Our Equipment:
  • John Deere 590D excavators - Plus buckets, thumbs and hydraulic compactor
  • John Deere 3120D rubber tired backhoe (4X4 extend-a-hoe)
  • Bobcat 430X excavator
  • Mack dump truck
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